Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine is the world’s oldest and holistic treatment method. It is the ancient wisdom of medical practice developed in the Indian subcontinent since 6000BC. The elemental principle of ayurvedic medicine is to prevent and treat illness by preserving balance in and harmony between your body, mind and environment. Ayurvedic medicine is one of India’s traditional health care systems and one of the world’s ancient medical systems. Ayurvedic practices are used to maintain health, stress and improve flexibility, strength & stamina.

The World Health Organization gave recognition to Ayurveda as a traditional and complementary system of medicine as an outcome of health care delivered worldwide. Ayurveda harmonises our modern life and habits related to health with the ancient wisdom of utilising natural substances to nourish body, mind and soul. The usage of natural herbs helps in leading a healthy, happy, disease-free and stress-free life. Ayurveda is considered the effective alternative to the conventional medical system by the probity of its approach to curing and preventing ailments with natural resources. The medical and health care system under the ministry of AYUSH ( Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy) in India, had approved Ayurved as an effective Health & medical system.


Arka Kalpana is one of the foremost growing and highly demanded ayurvedic formulations. This effective treatment method is introduced and practised in and around more than 200 clinics in different regions of Kerala under the name “AYUCARE RASAYANA CLINICS”. These clinics aim to improve the efficacy of Ayurveda devoid of Kashayam and Uzhichil. Arka the highly potent medicine helps in easy consumption, better life, fast action and nourishes body, mind and soul. AYUCARE is a vision of Dr K Mahesh Menon BAMS, MD(Ay) and established ayurvedic clinics in different regions of Kerala to provide an effective alternative medicine to the people. The vision of AYUCARE is to enhance the efficacy of Ayurveda treatment by promoting a new formulation of medicines that aims for exemplary results in treatment and excellence in serving health care. Ayucare embraces Arka Chikitsa and creates a series of unique medicines called “ARKA''. Arka is the distilled extract of medicinal herbs which is the most potent form of Ayurvedic medicines. Similarly, Marjan Kriyakramas and the speciality massage system are also practised in ayucare clinics. Self Home Therapy or “DIY” (Do It Yourself) therapy is also encouraged, which is more compatible with our modern lifestyle. Unlike the other Ayurvedic treatments in AYUCARE, the treatments are free of kashaya and Uzhichil.


Ayucare was established to provide effective and alternative medical treatment for all existing ailments. Ayucare clinics provide excellent medical assistance by combining Ayurveda and Arka Chikitsa. The major specialities of Ayucare Rasayana clinic are:--

  • Effective medicine by combing Arka (distilled extract of ayurvedic herbs) and bhavitharasayanagulika.
  • Medicine is devoid of smell, taste, pathya and can be taken along with habitual diets.
  • Provides self-home amendable therapy medicines based on “Marjan Kriyakarma”.
  • Devoid of Kashaya, Uzhuchil and long term medicines.
  • Non-reactive with modern medicines, accordingly it can be intaken with any pre-prescribed medicines.
  • An expert panel of certified doctors in all clinics.
  • Online medical service for physically disabled or bedridden patients.
  • Over 200 clinics all over Kerala for patients’ convenience.
  • Medicines that can be used internally or externally, as opinion some specific conditions as per the advice of the doctor.

The Founder - Dr. K.Mahesh Menon

Dr.K.Mahesh Menon BAMS, MD Ayurveda- Gold Medalist

A prominent Ayurvedic Doctor, well decorated Businessman Author,Philanthropist, Educator and more are the titles achieved by Dr.K Mahesh Menon in a short span of 20 years. His work in exploring and inventing concoctions following the true roots of ancient Indian medicine, has resulted in re-discovery of many lost cures. treatment techniques and modalities that existed for several incurable diseases. His long list of achievements has made him an Ideal role model and an inspiration for Peers and compatriots from Ayurvedicfield.

Dr.Mahesh's passion for Ayurveda and his great desire to help the poor and vulnerable patients encouraged him to study and practice techniques that have instant impact on human body and his treatment involving Arka-Rasayana and Marjan Therapies has attracted altering lifestyles are of high demand,as patients attains benefits from both physiological and psychological well-being.

The Team

The success of every medicinal clinic is achieved by its dedicated group of individuals and their excellence in service. Fortunately, AYUCARE is embedded with talented and dedicated people together forming an excellent team. The key highlight of AYUCARE is the set of qualified dedicated doctors and the supporting staff who work side by side to provide excellent Ayurvedic treatment to the patients. The discomforts of the patient are properly evaluated and the treatments are given accordingly. Every member of AYUCARE is dedicated to curing patients using an effective ayurvedic approach. The team of AYUCARE rasayana clinic consists of doctors, nurses and other staff. Each member of ayucare's team is devoted to providing quality services to the patients. All the doctors are highly qualified professionals who are skilled to cure the ailments of the patient. Care and assistance are served to all patients by affectionate nurses who are also talented and qualified to provide exceptional services. All members of the clinic are passionate about their jobs and work hard to make the patient experience more convenient. Proper medicinal prescription, good interaction and communication with the patient, understanding the patient's difficulties and all other assistance are provided with excellence.The cure is given to the body, mind and soul with ultimate care and assistance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the easier approach of Ayurveda by demonstrating the efficacy of Arka Rasayana Chikitsa Which is developed in 18 AD with highly potent medicine to cure the ailment. Similarly, the “Marjan Kriyakarma”- the speciality massage system developed in Kerala is also implemented as DIY therapy.

Our Mission

Our mission is “Legacy in Ayurveda, Excellence in Care “. Excellence in care to all we serve by providing quality service with dedicated physicians and certified medicine to assure the utmost health care.

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