The Need for AyuCare

AyuCare came with the need to simplify the methods of Ayurvedic Treatment. Since  a long time, the impression of Ayurvedic treatment was that one needed to change the disharmonious ways of his own life to cure the illness which had befallen because of them. A typical treatment usually involved diet changes, physical activity, and a lot of internal and external herbal treatments. In the modern day, this is thought of too much of a ‘hassle’.

Minimalistic Cure

For the fast world today, AyuCare has intelligently devised a way to offer Ayurvedic Treatment in its most natural and minimalistic form, without you having to change your lifestyle at all.

Why AyuCare?


Time-tested Cures

Our Methods have been successfully fulfilling thousands of customers since 8 years now

Simple Treatments

The only treatment we provide is a simple tablet. No complications.

Assured Results

Our treatment favourable to most, but it also is extremely effective.

Testing Facility

To fit along with the innovative approach by Dr. Pangare towards Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic Tablets and other prescription by AyuCare is manufactured as part of an in-house practice. This process includes formulating, production and lab testing of all AyuCare products, and is overseen by Dr. Rahul Pangare himself. AyuCare boasts of progressive standards in lab testing. Our facility is fully equipped with the latest technology and industry-compliant instruments to ensure the products we provide are as effective as intented.