Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis


Cirrhosis is a complication of many liver diseases. It is a chronic condition in which the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury. Excessive bile production or a blockage in the flow of bile usually indicates high pitta, which in turn affects the agni or enzyme activities responsible for absorption, digestion and metabolism.

Alcoholic – Symptoms: Liver shrinks in size and its proper functioning takes a hit. Fluid also starts accumulating in the abdominal region (also called ascites).

Non-Alcoholic – Symptoms: Non-alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis is caused by the Hepatitis virus.

Investigation: Liver function test and CT Scan of the abdomen.

Medication: Ayurvedic Tablet Therapy starts immediately. Patient is strongly advised against consuming alcohol. Liver test results are compared every two months to gauge the progress. Some positive factors of the treatment are – Increase in appetite and reduction in body swelling. A complete treatment can last from up to 8 to 24 months.
To avoid relapse of the condition, any kind of Alcohol should be strictly avoided.

How to avoid:

  • Include plenty veggies, herbs, and fruit in diet.
  • Keep your weight in check.

Ayurvedic Tablet Therapy

It is a patented technic and therapy invented by Dr. Rahul Pangare (M.D. Ayurveda). A simple concept which was the need of the hour. As it is relatively new, it is obvious that many will have doubts and questions about this therapy.