Frequently Asked Questions

AyuCare brings Ayurveda in a simpler form to cure diseases. The Goal of AyuCare Tablet Therapy is to treat an illness in the least amount of doses.

AyuCare Tablets are made from 100% herbal ingresients, and prepared using a special metallic preparation method (Bhasma). Bhasma process transforms inorganic substances into organic, which are easily digestable.

Yes, Ayucare is registered under the trademark of CCIM. AyuCare Tablet Therapy is also a registered trademark.

Yes. But every kind of disorder has a different line of treatment, which is determined after concluding a clinical study of the patient and his medical history.

All our products are lab-tested by NCL and HP Lab (Mumbai) for any kind of toxicity. As all our products are based on Ayurvedic Medicne, no side-effects are found.

No, not necessarily. However, the doctor will advise you, according to your disorder, what foods that you have to avoid in order for the treatment to work more efficiently.

AyuCare Tablets are Bio-enzymatic in the sense that they trigger the body’s own defence system to fight the illness. Unlike Allopathy, which does symptomatic treatment, Bio-enzymatic treats the systemic disorder. This removes the root cause of illness entirely so the chances of recurring are greatly reduced.

Definitely. AyuCare Tablet Therapy is available for Muscle pains, muscle spasms, minor fractures, ligament tears, etc. The doctor will try to avoid surgery as much as possible, but under critical circumstances, the needful will be advised.

It is our first priority to avoid any kind of surgery. But in extreme cases where surgery is must, the same will be recommended. However, AyuCare can help in speedy recovery post-surgery.